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3 Litre Calibration Syringe Intermedical
  • Product Code: CALS01

3- Litre calibration syringe with filter suitable for use with:

EasyOne Spirometer
EasyOn-PC Spirometer
MIR Spirometer Range
MicroMedical Range
Vitalograph Range

Bacterial viral filter provided in order to prevent dust and contaminants of cylinder.

Nominal volume: 3000 ml.
Accuracy: ±15 ml.
Lubricant: lnteflon, Fin Food Lube.
Size: 520x120x1 10 mm.
Weight: 2.2k g.
Operating Temperature: 15+40°C.
Storage Temperature: 0+50°C.
Storage Relative Humidity: 10%+95%.

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