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Calibration Class 2 Sound Level Meter
  • Product Code: CIR008

• The Cirrus CR-162B sound meter is the ideal solution to measure sound levels on a given environment in simple steps.
• The Cirrus CR-162B sound meter allow you to setup minimum and maximum sound level points that the device will use as reference while performing measurements.
• The device operation couldn't be simpler. Turn on, calibrate, take the reading and store. The device will only display a minimum amount of data on the display but by pressing a few keys, you will be able to access the full range of measurements taken by the device simultaneously.
• To achieve better results, the device is provided with Noise Tools Software that allows better data analysis on a PC.
• To complement the functionality, the Cirrus CR-162B allow voice and or noises to be recorded and stored as reference to the data.

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