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Laerdal Suction Unit with Reusable Canister
  • Product Code: 780000

The compact and affordable choice for the most extreme situations, the Laerdal Suction Unit is the result of more than 30 years of airway management experience on the drawing board and in the field. With the LSU, you can count on delivering the best patient care every time.

The only suction unit that offers one-touch testing to quickly check all critical system functions: occlusion, vacuum build-up efficacy, maximum achievable vacuum level and air leakage.

Easy to use
The LSU is operated by a single large knob, comes with colour and size coded tubing/connectors and user friendly tubing illustrations on the casing. It also features high visibility LEDs that indicate all critical system functions in night/day visibility conditions. Carry it to an incident scene by the rubber protected grip or use the optional shoulder strap or carrying bag.

In addition, no tools are required to replace the battery; it has a built-in charger; multiple power options and user friendly storage of patient tubing.

Variable vacuum
Full range of tracheal and/or oropharyngeal vacuum levels set by a single knob that doubles as a ` power switch.

High performance
Capable of  > 25 lpm at 500+ mmHg setting.

Rough treatment in emergency situations will not damage the LSU or affect its performance. The units "Rib Cage" design protects canister while suction unit meets stringent splash-proof (IP34D) and bump-proof requirements.

The LSU is extremely quiet when operated at low vacuum levels, allowing the unit to be particularly effective in a hospital environment or any other setting that demands quietness. At 500+ mmHg the db(A) level is 57 or less.

It comes with a built-in AC/DC power transformer. The unit can be operated or charged directly from AC/DC mains or an optional wall bracket.

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