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Leukomed T plus - 8cm x 10cm (50)
  • Product Code: BE005

Transparent Film Dressing with Absorbent Pad
Leukomed T plus is a water and bacteria proof transparent dressing with a highly absorbent dressing pad, these transparent dressings allow patients to resume their everyday activities.
Red Strip Technology:
Leukomed T plus  dressings have a unique, red strip release mechanism allowing quick, simple, one-hand application.
Product Benefits:
• Provides effective protection from water and bacteria:  The transparent polyurethane film of Luekomed T plus is waterproof and bacteria-proof
• Reduced risk of maceration:  Leukomed T plus dressings are permeable to water vapour and oxygen
• Minimise dressing changes:  The highly absorbent wound pad prolongs the intervals between dressing changes
• Secure fit:  The dressings have a reliable initial and permanent adhesion.  Rounded edges prevent rucking
• Easy to use:  The red strip technology allows quick dressing changes
• Patient comfort:   Leukomed T plus dressings allow patients to shower at an early stage, or to receive hydrotherapy.  For best results allow any swelling to subside prior to application

Indications for Use:
For surgical injuries which require waterproof protection.   For best results allow any swelling to subside prior to application

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