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Mask Adult for Porta-Neb
  • Product Code: 1100

The perfect system for nebulising bronchodilator (reliever) treatments at home.

Porta-neb SideStream nebuliser compressor system:

6 l/min flowrate for fast and effective therapy
Reliable drug therapy for up to 12 months if your SideStream is kept clean by regular boiling
All the accessories you need with easy-to-follow instructions
Porta-neb is guaranteed for 3 years
Contents: 1 x Porta-neb compressor, 1 x SideStream reusable nebuliser, 1 x adult mask, 1 x child mask, 1 x angled reusable mouthpiece, 1 x straight Duratube, 4 x air inlet filters, 1 x AC cable.

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