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Mural Eye & Skin Wash System - Diphoterine & Trivorex
  • Product Code: LMPEDASTXP

The complete kit for chemical decontamination - emergency first aid following a small chemical splash + the safe containment and neutralisation of small spills. Ideal for internal areas of the site.
For external areas please see the LMPEGFDASTXP   

Wall Mounted Cabinet - with door (for dust protection) containing:

2 x MURAL EYEWASH bottles of 500ml with ergonomically eye-shaped top.
1 x AFTERWASH bottle of 200ml with ergonomically eye-shaped top.
1 x MINI DAP Spray of 200ml.
1 x TRIVOREX®  Absorbent Shaker of 800gm

Each MURAL EYEWASH bottle makes it possible to decontaminate 1 eye.
The AFTERWASH bottle provides a gentle final rinse after using the MURAL EYEWASH.
The MINI DAP spray is for small chemical splashes to the skin (face, arm etc).
The TRIVOREX Absorbant is for absorbing and neutralising small chemical spills.

• Use within the first minute following the accident
• Single use products.
• Use the total contents.

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