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Omron HeartScan ECG Extension Pack - Software & Card Reader
  • Product Code: OMRHSEP

ECG Viewer is software, which allows importing data from the HeartScan ECG Monitor into a computer so that it can be examined and printed.

The software allows changing of the scale and range of the ECG to better observe specific events.This makes it very useful for doctors in making their diagnosis. The software allows changing the display scale freely in order to confirm details. This feature can be used to display a detailed screen for close observation of a certain period. Comparison between electrocardiograph complexes is possible. Different measurements can be compared according to day or time using the electrocardiogram data list.

Display of multiple detail screens to compare details is also possible. Printing of ECG data. It is possible to set printing details such as the scale of the ECG data. In addition, it is possible to select and print multiple ECG data, or print all ECG wave data in a folder. Managing ECG data. Recorded ECG data can be copied from the SD memory card to hard disk and redundant data can be deleted.

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