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Optec 5000P Portable Vision Screener
  • Product Code: 5000P

The Optec 5000P is ideal for all industrial and DSE vision screening requirements. Visual acuity, depth perception, colour, phoria and peripheral vision can all be determined in a very efficient manner.

A large viewing port, combined with a test pointer, facilitates fast and effective patient testing. Height adjustment ensures patient comfort.

Several features provide for an extremely accurate vision test system. An advanced lighting system ensures high resolution, true colour test images with no glare reflection and there are no light bulbs to change as the instruments utilize a microprocessor controlled LED lighting system. A dual lens system permits a more accurate test on bifocal/multifocal patients.

• No calibration required
• Portable
• Dual lens system for testing bifocal patients
• Unique maintenance free LED lighting system - no need to replace bulbs
• 6/3 (20/15) to 6/60 (20/200) visual acuity range
• Mains power lead included

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