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Outdoor Eye Wash Station
  • Product Code: 9384578

Our emergency eye wash station contains one litre of sterile saline eye wash in two sealed, disposable bottles. It also contains six sterile first aid eye pads. This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rubber door seals prevent the unit from dust and water contamination. A transparent door allows for easy identification of the contents inside. The unit also comes with a wall mounting bracket which allows the eye wash station to be firmly attached to a wall until required at the scene of an accident.

The first 30 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance is critical. Delaying treatment by even a few seconds can cause serious damage and further consequences. Emergency eye wash stations provide quick and effective decontamination in the case of an accident. Keep your workplace and employees safe by installing emergency eye wash stations where relevant.

Key features of our eye wash station include:

  • 2 x 500ml bottles of sterile eye wash
  • Six sterile eye pads
  • Wall bracket to allow for mounting in the workplace
  • Secure handle for ease of transportation
  • Dust and shower proof due to the rubber door seal

Once the bottle seals have been broken, the leftover product should not be kept for further use. Do not use after the expiry date. Our eye wash station dimensions are 28 x 19 x 11cm.

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