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Wall Mounted Mural Eye & Skin Wash Diphoterine Refill Kit
  • Product Code: KLMDAS

Note: Refill kit only. Does not include wall mounted case.

The complete kit for chemical decontamination - emergency first aid following a small chemical splash.


2 x MURAL EYEWASH bottles of 500ml with ergonomically eye-shaped top.
1 x AFTERWASH bottle of 200ml with ergonomically eye-shaped top.
1 x MINI DAP Spray of 200ml.

Each MURAL EYEWASH bottle makes it possible to decontaminate 1 eye.
The AFTERWASH bottle provides a gentle final rinse after using the MURAL EYEWASH.
The MINI DAP spray is for small chemical splashes to the skin (face, arm etc).

• Use within the first minute following the accident
• Single use products.
• Use the total contents.

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