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Biofresh Protect Deep Cleansing Hand Gel - 50ml
  • Product Code: ALC062

Biofresh Protect Deep Cleansing Hand Gel is an alternative to the mass produced standard sanitisers that are purely functional, along with their giveaway signatory flip tops and pump sprays. Rose Water, in particular, is well known for its medicinal values which include moisturising and soothing irritated and sensitive skin. Silver Water is an antimicrobial used in the medical and cosmetic markets. Ethanol is an antibacterial and is the alcohol used in most alcohol hand sanitisers. So this triple action of moisturising & soothing, antimicrobial and antibacterial abilities with a fresh, natural fragrance is a unique product.

The incessant use of alcohol-only sanitisers can cause dry, irritable skin or worsen existing conditions, so a product that can moisturise hands yet hygienically protect them, leaving a confident and pleasing fresh natural fragrance is a real benefit. In a handy 50ml tube with a screw cap, it is a more discrete traditional hand care product in both look, feel and use plus so unique. Varied uses such as for valued colleagues, customers, giveaways or welcome packs.

Deep cleansing hand gel, which has a protective, cleansing and refreshing effect, does not need washing. This allows it to be used anywhere, anytime, even when you are unable to clean your hands with water and soap.

It has an amazing triple action because of its ingredients, leaving a confident fresh natural fragrance:

· Rose water: Moisturises and soothes irritated and sensitive skin. From the Rosa Damescena plant – used in the medicine and cosmetic industry.
· Silver water: Antimicrobial ability reduces the growth of many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi by limiting access of oxygen to cells of microorganisms.
· 62% alcohol: Antibacterial strength kills microorganisms and is effective against most bacteria, fungi and viruses.
· Fresh natural fragrance: Leaving a lasting and pleasing fragrance giving confidence of clean hands.
· Traditional tube: handy and portable 50ml tube with screw cap provides a discrete traditional hand care product in look, feel and use.

Biofresh Protect Deep Cleansing Hand Gel – 50ml
Tube with traditional screw cap

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