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Chemgene HLD4H High Level Surface Disinfectant - 5L
  • Product Code: CHE308

Chemgene HLD4H high level medical surface disinfectant is a laboratory standard disinfectant. Chemgene HLD4H combines a range of active ingredients with micellar cleaning technology resulting in a product that can be used to both clean and disinfect soiled conditions. Made using modern technology, this medical disinfectant works much quicker than other competitor brands, ensuring that cell death is achieved rather than suspended activity. Chemgene HLD4H has high microbiological efficacy and has tested effective against a range of fungicidal, virucidal, bacteriophage, myobactericidal and bactericidal activity.

Designed to be used on all surfaces, furniture, appliances and non-critical applications, Chemgene hld4h has been extensively tested against corrosion and deterioration. This makes it suitable for use within hospitals, dentists and general practice environments.

Key features of Chemgene HLD4H high level medical surface disinfectant includes

  • Biocidal properties
  • Non-corrosive
  • Ensures cell death rather than suspended activity
  • Long shelf life - diluted concentrate can last up to 6 months

For use, please read the instructions and dilute the medical disinfectant to the appropriate ratio. Please make sure to always read the label and product information before use. Biocides should always be used safely.

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