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Diphoterine 50ml Eyewash (1)
  • Product Code: LISSP

Diphoterine eyewash comes in single 50ml bottles for efficient rinsing of a single eye after exposure to a chemical splash. It contains a unique formula that actively works to neutralise the chemical reaction, minimising damage. A unique eye shaped top allows for soft yet efficient rinsing. Diphoterine 50ml should be used immediately after an incident, within the first 60 seconds of exposure. 


These small 50ml Diphoterine eyewash bottles are portable and can be easily attached to a belt using a holster for easy access. This makes them ideal for those working at height or in isolated areas where they may come into contact with dangerous chemicals. Diphoterine is not effective against hydrofluoric acid. 



Key features of Diphoterine 50ml eyewash includes:



  • Compact and portable

  • Easy attachment to a belt for quick access

  • Eye shaped top for efficient rinsing



Diphoterine 50ml has a 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture. LISSP is for a single unit. 



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