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Diphoterine Micro-Dap 100ml Spray (12)
  • Product Code: MICR02

Diphoterine solution Micro DAP spray is a single use, portable unit. It is used to decontaminate the skin after exposure to a chemical splash. This is excluding contact with hydrofluoric acid. This individual unit contains 100ml of Diphoterine solution and will decontaminate a 3% TBSA area – this is an area equivalent to a hand, foot, or side of the face. The spray is micronized ensuring non-aggressive decontamination of the affected area.

Diphoterine spray is ideal for personnel working alone at height or in isolated areas, maintenance staff, security staff, emergency vehicles, medical centres and hospitals.

Key features of Micro DAP spray include:

  • Easy to use spray
  • Lightweight and can be worn on a belt
  • Allows quick response to chemical exposure
  • Soft rinsing without unneeded pressure
  • 2-year shelf life from the manufacture date

Diphoterine Micro DAP spray should be used within the first 60 seconds following an accident. Apply the spray to the affected area until the entire contents have been used. The quicker the spray is applied, the more minimal the damage. The spray cans have been carefully designed to operate in any position – you do not need to keep the can upright.

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