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EASE II Demand Valve with 3m Hose, BS5682 Probe & PI Regulator
  • Product Code: EN015

The New Sabre EASE II portable and pipeline systems provide a compact low resistance method of selfadministering O2 and the analgesic mix of N2O/O2. The EASE demand valve is constructed in a way that creates minimal breathing resistance to the patient and can deliver high flows when required.

For greater user comfort the EASE II is both smaller and lighter than the original Sabre EASE. The new ‘Easy Grip’ handle in combination with the wrist strap is another user friendly addition.

• On demand Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (Entonox TM, Meopa, Livopan) system for delivering up to 300 l/min
• Portable first stage regulator and cylinder version for immediate care and pre-hospital applications
• Low pressure pipeline version for obstetrics and general nursing applications
• Conforms to BS 4272: Part 2: 1996
• When the EASE II is used in small spaces or small rooms a scavenging adapter connected to an exhaust system should be applied
• Low inspiratory effort demand valve
• Test/ Purge facility on the demand valve, easy to clean and reassemble for cross infection protocol
• Hose fitted with probes by the national standards for connection into cylinder system or wall outlet
• Autoclaveable at 20 minutes 120°C or 5 minutes 134 °C, removable handle
• When using a patient filter, disinfection and sterilization is not mandatory after changing the patient if the patient filter is not wettted or moistered
• Service interval is now 5 years

Note: does not include cylinder.

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