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iPad SP1 Semi-Automatic AED with Accessories
  • Product Code: SP1001

The iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator is one of the latest pieces of technology within intelligent public access AED defibrillators. Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals in an emergency, the iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator is suitable for all environments. Whether it be a school, workplace or hospital, this AED defibrillator is designed to save lives in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. 


The iPAD SP1 is lightweight and portable. Easy to use, you can switch from adult to child mode without having to change pads. A safety cover prevents accidental switching. Smaller child pads are available, however not essential for effective use. 



This AED defibrillator has an ambient noise detector. This works to measure any background noise and automatically adjust the volume of the voice prompts accordingly. This is ideal for noisy environments such as schools, warehouses, factories and other public places.



The iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator has integrated pad storage so that you can keep all vital elements in one place. A clear compartment on the underside of the unit has been designed to store any electrode pads. These pads can easily be removed by pulling on the exposed tab and are preconnected ready for use. 



CPR detection technology allows the iPAD SP1 AED defibrillator to detect when CPR is being performed. If CPR is not being performed but should be, the voice prompt will encourage the user to perform CPR. When CPR is being carried out, the voice prompt will let the user know when to continue.



A visual indicator allows the user to see battery life, unit status and pad status at a glance. The iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator has been programmed to perform a self test every day to ensure optimum functionality. Internal memory stores the last five events or three hours of data. This data can easily be transferred via the built in SD card and IrDA ports. This way, it can be reviewed by PC software allowing the handover of useful information that may be used to brief ambulance crews attending the scene. 



iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator contents:


  • iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator

  • Carry case

  • 2 sets of pads

  • 2 AED defibrillator start kits (tough cut scissors, 2 patient wipes, face shield, Gallant prep razor and nitrile gloves in a sealed foil pouch)


Receiving an IP55 rating, the iPAD SP1 semi automatic defibrillator can be used in all conditions and is entirely splashproof. You will benefit from a 7-year manufacturers warranty, 5-year or 200 shock battery warranty and a 3-year shelf life.



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