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Response Biohazard Combination Kit
  • Product Code: RES200

The Response combination kit offers the benefits of both a Response body fluid kit and a Response sharps disposal kit to effectively handle both types of hazards.

It has been designed for situations where an individual is required to clean up both hazardous sharps and body fluids to reduce the risk of cross infection & cross contamination.

• Carrying case
• ResponseBeta disinfectant spray (500ml)
• Response premium super absorbent powder sachet (100g)
• Response clean up pack* x 5
• Sharps Disposal Container (0.1 ltr)
• Soft Vinyl Gloves (Pair) (L)
• Biohazard Bag (14" X 15")
• Disinfectant Wipe
• Polypropylene Forceps

*each Response clean up pack includes: instructions, gloves, oversleeves, apron, polypropylene scoop/scrape, biohazard bag, two non-woven wipes and a ResponseBeta disinfectant wipe

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