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Diphoterine Eyewash Bottle 500ml (6)
  • Product Code: LPMD6

Diphoterine eyewash comes in individual, portable 500ml bottles. Each 500ml bottle is designed for the decontamination of a single eye after exposure to a chemical splash. The Diphoterine solution can be used to effectively rinse the eye immediately after chemical exposure. Diphoterine eyewash can not be used after exposure to hydrofluoric acid. 


Diphoterine eyewash bottles are best situated next to any chemical hazard for easy accessibility allowing immediate use. They are essential for site storage and production areas. The bottle includes an eye-shaped cup to ensure a tighter seal around the eye. This works to maximise efficiency when rinsing the eye with Diphoterine eyewash. The quicker the product is used, the less damage that is caused to the body tissue. For optimal results, please use Diphoterine eyewash within 60 seconds of an accident. 



Key features of Diphoterine eyewash include:


  • Easy to use 

  • Portable 500ml bottle 

  • Allows quick response to chemical exposure

  • Eye shaped cup allows for gentle and effective rinsing


This product has a 2-year shelf life from date of manufacture. Please make sure to read the instructions and brief staff on use. 


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