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Flagyl Suppositories 1g
  • Product Code: FLA253R

Treatment of infections in which anaerobic bacteria have been identified or are suspected as pathogens, particularly Bacteroides fragilis and other species of Bacteroides and including other species for which metronidazole is bactericidal, such as Fusobacteria, Eubacteria, Clostridia and anaerobic cocci.

Flagyl has been used successfully in: septicaemia, bacteraemia, brain abscess, necrotising pneumonia, osteomyelitis, puerperal sepsis, pelvic abscess, pelvic cellulitis, peritonitis and post-operative wound infection from which one or more of these anaerobes have been isolated.

Prevention of post-operative infections due to anaerobic bacteria, particularly species of Bacteroides and anaerobic Streptococci.

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